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Ode for Kuma

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"Kuma samurai boy" that's what Gary always said, when nighttime came you'd disappear stretched out beneath his bed,
Then suddenly it was my room you'd go to late at night, you hated mud and thunder and would hide away in fright.
For six long years you had a friend a feisty golden matey, and though she was his "Princess" you were always his "Cry-Baby"!
Now since you've gone, Akemi lays where you last laid your head, she sniffs the air, alone and wanders where you both would tread.
You loved to go for rides with us just saying it made you glad, but your last two rides were arduous and that made us all so sad.
Kuma, you were my sunshine, my rays of sunshine, it's hard to fathom not seeing you, it broke our hearts to see you struggle, you were unwell, so ill... we never knew.
We're so sorry that your last few months were hard on you, but know that the hardest things we had to do was having to let you go.
This past year took its toll on you, ageing rapidly as you did, it came on fast, you couldn't last another winter, kid.
On his tractor paths were made to guide you through the snow, up and down, round and around, you knew just where to go.
Kuma, I was your sunshine, your world of sunshines, you stayed beside me both night and day, I'll miss your kisses, my "pup-a-licious", you had to leave us on the 15th day in May.
So, it's time to go with Rocky, go find Lulu, Ronnie too, they're waiting at the Rainbow Bridge so patiently for you.
This summer you won't feel the sun, the bugs or the mosquitos, your legacy, our magnificent strong boy, is the last of The Three Amigos.

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