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Lesson Learned

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Here's another story from my teaching days on the Northern Peninsula.

It was Halloween. The morning after the big night, the father of three boys called them together and said:
"Now, tell me; which one of yous was responsible for tippin' the outhouse over the bank and into the landwash?
No one replied. So he told them the story of the young George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, and how he was rewarded with a piece of pie for telling the truth. So one of the sons, Larry, confessed. "It was my idea, Dad; but we all helped do it."
Father said: "No more outside activities for you for a week. You're grounded!"
"But Dad," said Larry, "I thought I was going to be rewarded for telling the truth, like George Washington."
Father replied: "That was different. George's father was not up in the tree when he cut it down!"

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