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A Holy Horse

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This priest had a horse and the Bishop heard about it. He told the priest to get rid of his horse because it was not allowed. The priest phoned his good friend and told him that he had to get rid of his horse, Bishop's orders, and he was giving the horse to him. The priest told him "Bill, this is a special horse, he doesn't go by normal commands. He's a holy horse. To get him to go, you have to tell him 'Praise the Lord'. And to stop, it's 'Amen'!

A few days later Bill decided to go for a ride. He put the saddle on the horse and got on.
"Oh yeah, I have to remember the different commands," he thought. So he said "Praise the Lord" and the horse started to move. Twice more and now he's at full gallop. He was having so much fun 'til he noticed he was getting close to a cliff! He yelled "Whoa! Stop!" but he couldn't remember the words for the horse to stop. One foot away from the cliff's edge he yelled "Amen!" and the horse stopped. Bill said, "Wow I'm so lucky, thank you God!" and then said, "Praise the Lord!"

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