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The River Flows

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Throughout the Northern Ontario land
Under bridges, culverts too
The water on the land twists and turns
Southward, Westward, Northward,
Never Eastward
The river flows.

Frothing, gurgling, over the land
Water tumbles, over many falls, rapids too
Freely rain falls upon its back
Even snow and ice are loaded on its back
the relentless river never sleeps
The river flows.

Many streams, creeks, and rivulets
River hungry for water
Even cold springs
Are stolen from the hills above
Very rich in oxygen
The river flows.

Within the waters, all creatures live
Wildlife and man drink the waters
People dine along the banks
Everyone enjoys the waters
Throughout the four seasons
The river flows.

The name it has
Echoed throughout the land
The waters never sleep
Running deep shallow too
The name is lost
While the river flows.

Lake Superior takes its name
White River becomes Lake Superior
Yet White River Ontario carries its born name
From the Canadian Pacific Railway
As the railway moves through the town
Where the river flows.

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