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Crown Jewel of the Universe

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Fly me to the moon, Jupiter or Mars
Set me down on Haley's Comet
I'll fly around the universe
And look for life out there among the stars.

To try to find the answers that we do not know
What happened to Atlantis long ago?
Maybe it's out there somewhere
Beyond the big Black Hole.

Like searching in the ocean for a tiny grain of sand
There is most likely other life out there
With nothing to compare or understand
It pains the brain to think of light years far away.

Is Earth the crowning jewel of the universe
And man the ruling king?
Science will take us there if someday we are to know
Outside this Earth we call our home.

As I gaze into the star filled night
There are many things to see while wishing on a shooting star
The Southern Cross I have seen along with the Milky Way
It gives me goosebumps, I am happy to be here.

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