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Ode To Newfoundland

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Ode to Newfoundland

Oh, icebergs, you are like mountains on the water.
You glisten and shimmer in the hot sun.
I love watching you silently enter the harbor's shallow water as I sit on the old wharf.
Waiting for you to split, and splash into the water below.

Oh, Atlantic Ocean, I love how your waves crash against the shore.
Reflecting sunlight as they rush in to greet the sand.
My feet brush the water, and the coldness makes me shiver.
I smell the salty air of the ocean as I take in a deep breath.

Oh, beautiful sea glass.
You hide in the sand, so difficult to find.
I feel the smooth texture of your surface in my hands.
You fill glass jars full of memories for me to bring home.

Oh, Newfoundland.
We have shared so many good times together.
I will never forget the fresh smell in the air,
Or the moose that live in the woods
Oh Newfoundland, I cannot wait to see you again!

By Sophie Reglin
AGE 13
Abbotsford BC

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