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Short Story: Aunt Lucy's Ghost

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A Ghost in Time

I saw Aunt Lucys' ghost when I was 12. One night I was trying to fall asleep in the very bed upon which she had recently succumbed she appeared to me.

She wore her old black shawl about her head and shoulders and walked back and forth by the side of the bed the entire night. I clearly saw her bent form in the moonlight that fell across the bedroom wall. She continued to pace there the entire night, silently, without making any motion to disturb me. I lay awake for the entire duration but could make no movement to leave the room or even rise from the bed for I was too consumed with fear to make any attempt to flee. To escape her tormenting presence I often turned my back on her and pressed my face to the wall that ran along the side of the bed. But each time I returned to lie on my back again I saw that the wretched form was still there, still wandering in the gloom.

Relief only came with the dawn, very slowly filling the room, leaking through the delicate lace curtains of her window and banishing the spirit. When I saw that I was finally released, I quickly rose from my prison on the feather bed and bolted from the confines of the room. Running all the way, I was breathless when I reached my Aunt Liza's house, and pounded on the door to be admitted. Even though the hour was curiously early to be arriving and under such strange circumstances, no one queried this. Perhaps they knew about the haunting by the old lady...

The End

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