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Conception Bay. A poem in 4 verses

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From the Collection: Molasses Bread and Tea

Conception Bay

Last night I was a 'dreamin',
Of a scene so long ago,
And still it lingers there today,
For it seems it will not go,
Oh! my friend it seemed so near,
It seemed like yesterday,
When father sailed the ocean,
Fished in Conception Bay.

We learned about the fishing,
And when they came to stay,
The caplin brought the herring home,
And they filled their nets that way,
Great their fires on the beach,
Where they worked till the break of day,
For us 'twas just a party time,
Livin' in Conception Bay.

Twas early in the morning,
From work those boys would break,
With bread and 'lassey and cups of tea,
A mug-up time to take,
Songs to warm them while they wait,
For the breakin' of the day,
When horses came to haul the catch,
Up from Conception Bay.

The boys now they've all gone away,
It's not the same today,
I stand upon our hill so high,
I gaze around our bay
Not a man's rowin' there,
And there's not the smell of hay,
So I'm livin' in Toronto now, not in Conception Bay.

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