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From the Mountains to the Sea

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I have heard the wild sea crashing on the shore along the bay,
I have heard the white gull crying at the breaking of the day,
I have seen the sun all blazing as it climbed up in the sky,
And the nets all barked and mended spread across the beach to dry.

I have heard the engine throbbing through the fog before first light,
While we still felt tired and weary after splitting half the night,
I have seen the nets come streaming as we hauled our catch aboard,
And the fish all wetly gleaming like a pirate's treasure hoard.

I have seen the autumn hillside in a blaze of red and gold,
And the trees all white in winter standing frozen in the cold,
I have heard the chainsaw screaming, I have heard the loggers sing,
As they drove the wood from Badger down the Exploits in the spring.

I have watched the mighty Humber as it thundered towards the bay,
Felt the power of the current as we struggled drenched in spray,
Seen the gentleness of nature in the peaceful summer breeze,
Heard the robins singing sweetly as the wind caressed the trees.

I have heard the noisy drumming on the tent in pounding rain,
And the long and mournful whistle of the lonely distant train,
I have seen the stars in heaven shining through the endless night,
And the silent darkness fleeing chased away by day's first light.

I have seen the great moose standing like a statue carved in stone,
And the caribou, majestic, like a king upon a throne,
I have heard the fierce wind howling as a blizzard swept the land,
And the cabin timbers growling 'neath the weight of winter's hand.

I have heard the night owl hooting at the crescent of the moon,
And the silence rent asunder by the laughter of the loon,
I have seen the salmon leaping in the mist at early morn,
And I dream while I am sleeping of the land where I was born.

I have seen the rugged beauty of the rocky eastern shore,
I have seen the timbered valleys where the western mountains soar,
I have heard the rivers flowing as I crossed the trackless land,
And it sets my heart to glowing just to be in Newfoundland.

By Ron Noah

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