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My Shangri-La

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There's a place I always go to
when my thoughts are running wild.
My memories take me back in time
when I was just a child.
It was way upon a hilltop
where it overlooked the bay.
I would stay up there for hours
and while away my days.
I would watch the sailboats going by
and see the fishermen
Put out their traps and throw lines
and stay till they came in.
Sometimes their boats were filled with fish
as they returned to shore.
They would clean and put away their catch
and then head out for more.
I would watch the whales all frolicking
and hear the porpoise call.
And see the magic spectacle
while in my Shangri-La.
My mom would always question me
when I came home each day.
But no one ever knew about
my little hideaway.
I would answer all her questions
after all, she was my Ma.
But I never once revealed about
my little Shangri-La.

By Garfield Seward

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