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A Case of Moosetaken Identity

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About twelve years ago I had an amusing experience in my hometown in rural Newfoundland and Labrador when my family and I were visiting my parents on a weekend in early September.

That Saturday evening, forty minutes or so before dark, I decided to go into the backyard to clear away some small trees that I had cut during the previous spring. At that time, I had left them in a pile at the back of the yard. Now it was time to toss them into the woods skirting the back of the lot.

During my endeavor, I was making quite a bit of noise transferring the sticks to their new location. After a few minutes, I heard a voice coming from the lot next door, "What's that? Sounds like a moose up in the woods!" I wondered if I was the subject of this inquiry, but for now, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I continued performing the task I was so diligently working at when I heard the voice yet again saying to his buddy, who had just arrived on the scene, "There's something up there in the woods! Sounds like a moose or a bear!" I was now definitely starting to feel that I was the subject of the conversation, but I still decided to remain anonymous.

By the time a few more minutes had passed, the racket I was making was drawing quite a crowd, and I heard, "There's something up there in the woods! It could be a moose, or it could be a bear!" Another voice said, "Sure throw a rock in there!"

Fearing a pummeling from a barrage of igneous projectiles, I figured that the time had finally arrived to reveal my identity. So, I spoke up, "It could be a fellow clearing away a bit of brush!" A voice came back, "Yeah! It could be that too."

Neither I nor anyone in the group of onlookers said anything else. I had known the woman who lived next door ever since we were kids. A few days later I contacted her on Facebook, and we had a big laugh over the whole incident.

St. John's
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