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Harbour Breton

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When I think of Harbour Breton
Where can I start
About the people
That sure broke my heart.

It had rained there
Forty days and forty night,
What happened then
Wasn't a pretty sight.

The hill up above
Started to slide.
And covered the town
With people inside.

Some were asleep
And some were awake
When will it end
Or what does it take.

Some homes were destroyed
Washed down by the shore
That took the lives of Hickey children
There were number four.

The people did come
From all over the place
When they saw it
Tears came to their face.

Then at the funeral
The caskets number four
These Hickey children
Everyone did adore.

When it was over
And people went on their way
Still shaking their head
And wondered in dismay.

The people started to get settled
And the town started to grow
But up in the Heavenly skies
Four extra stars aglow.

So here's to this place
And Harbour Breton land
May God watch over you
This town in Newfoundland

So God Bless you Jack Hickey
And this is my say
We'll hold you in our heart
And then we start to pray.

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