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No Key!

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It is a very hot day and I've invited some ladies in for a card game, tea and dessert.
I will visit my neighbor before I hurry home to clean and bake. When I get there I always take the key out of the ignition as I've locked my key in before.
I visit for a short time and go to leave. No key! I ask my neighbor to drive me home to get an extra key.
As I prepare for my guests, the lost key keeps nagging at me. I return to desperately rake the half inch of grass and, with superhuman strength, I pull the doorstop off the cement to look under it. No key!
I complain that afternoon to my friends as it is a key fob which will cost me about $350 to replace. The party goes well and the ladies go home.
I will relax in a nice, cool shower and try to collect my thoughts. As I remove my bra I hear a small thump on the bathroom floor. My key!! In my rush at my neighbour's and having no pockets, I slipped the key inside my bra! I have never used my bra as a pocket and I'm sure I never will again!

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