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Scary snow woman

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My friend Val in English Harbour NL had major surgery and must stay in bed to heal. She was commenting on Facebook that she would love it if someone would come build a snowman so she has something to make her smile when she's lying in bed looking out the window.
Today her husband took her for a doctors visit and I gathered up some items and headed to their place to build a snowman, Something I haven't done in years!
Once I was finished I couldn't stop laughing! Here was something that looked like it belonged in a Stephen King movie. I went a little overboard on the food colouring and glow sticks that I cracked to light them and had them stuck all over the head, in the eyes and in the lips.
I'm hoping the doctors don't put her on any hallucinogenic drugs because this snow woman might scare her. But I continue to laugh every time I look at the photo. Hope it makes her smile. Sorry Val, I tried, LOL!

Champney’s East, Trinity Bay, Nl
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