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Skip It!

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On an early spring afternoon, snow banks melting, water running down the curb, us boys had just finished up with the first marble tournament of the season. Many cat-eyes and boulders were won and exchanged.

My sister had gotten a new skipping rope for Easter. The girls were getting back in practice and had started their own tournament of Double Dutch. Not having enough for teams, us guys were invited to participate. We guys took on the challenge.

It was my turn to enter the rapid double swinging ropes. As I was jumping up and down, my pants fell down! Standing there in boxers, tangled in jumping ropes, the neighbourhood was filled with howls of laughter. Stomach-aching bellows of laughter echoed up and down the street. Some of our mothers came out to see what was going on. Upon seeing me standing there, pants down, they joined the chorus of hearty, belly-aching laughter.

As for the tournament -called off.

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