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Christmas Memory

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I'm writing to let you know what Christmas was like for us some fifty-plus years ago.
We didn't get much back then. I was the oldest of the girls so it was my job to go to the little corner store to get a few Christmas presents for the younger ones.
My mom would give me $5.00 to get three little trucks for the three younger boys and two dolls for the two younger girls.
Well, my story goes like this. Our brother, John McCarthy, was in the hospital fighting his losing battle with cancer. John passed away on March 3, 2019.
A few days before he passed away, we were all in his hospital room. He brought it up about the Christmas years ago about how he didn't think they were going to get anything for Christmas. Well, he said he was some surprised when he got a truck for Christmas it had a wooden back on it.
Well we were shocked he remembered that. It sure made some impact on him because he sure spent some time in the woods when he was a young man getting loads of wood in a truck very much like the one he got.
We sure miss you, John, and your loads of wood. We will always remember you and love you.
Ps. Here's a picture of John and his truck.

Marg Dean
Carbonear, NL

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