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Joking around with mom

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A few weeks ago, my mom and I cleaned up the garden because a local cat had dug up some of the bulbs.

"Want to hear a joke?" I asked.

"That would be paw-some,"my mom said.

"Knock, knock,"I said.

"Who is there?" my mom asked.

"Pancake." I said.

"Pancake who?" my mom asked.

"A parrot meets a monkey in an office skyscraper," I said.

"What happened to the pancake?" My mom asked.

"I changed my mind,"I said.

"You have to be kitten me." My mom said.

"So, the parrot insulted the monkey's uncle," I said.

"The monkey threw an office pencil at the bird, but he missed, and the pencil flew out the window. Enraged, the monkey grabbed the parrot and threw the talking bird out the window too."

"Oh, no!" My mom said.

"The parrot flew back in with the pancake in its beak."

"That's what happened to the pancake!" My mom said.

"And the pencil was never seen again!"I added.

St. John's Newfoundland And Labrador
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