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Say What?

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Can you fill in this speech balloon and suggest what the driver is saying to the turkey in this photo (submitted by Russ Bennett)? The response that makes the editors chuckle the most will earn 20 Downhome Dollars and will appear in the October 2020 issue!

St. John's

Annette Tatchell

Wanna join a band? You got wicked drumsticks!!

Gerald King

Honestly, turkeys don't fly south for the winter.

Elizabeth Reid

HOW FAR?!!!!

Elizabeth Reid

Yes I will put on my mask when you get in.

Emma Sacrey

Hello there, you're a fine looking'd you like to come over for thanksgiving dinner, you'll even get a special spot on the table!

Trina Maddox

Hey pretty bird, do you have some dressing to go along with those turkey legs.

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