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Fogo Island Day Trip

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I've come to realize in my adult life that there is so much of Newfoundland and Labrador that I've never seen. On every visit back there now I make sure I set aside some time to explore new areas. Growing up there I remember Fogo being mentioned in the song, &quot;I'se the b'y&quot; and it's been on my bucket list to go there for some time. So on our visit back in July 2019 we made it one of our day trips. We were pleasantly surprised at all the beautiful scenery.<br />
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I was staying at my sister's cabin in my hometown of Laurenceton. Along with Gloria (my wife) and Gloria (my sister) and her husband Baxter Bishop, we set out on our excursion. We made our way to Farewell, NL and boarded the Ferry, we were soon on our way. There was lots of seating space inside but we climbed the stairs to the upper deck. From there we could sit and feel the cool gentle breeze coming off the ocean and enjoy the spectacular view along the way. That in itself made for a pleasant experience.

The &quot;Welcome to Fogo&quot; sign came into view, we had arrived at Fogo Island. Fogo is just one of the several communities on the island. There are other names, like Stag Harbour, Seldom and Joe Batt's Arm, to name a few. The island is larger than most people would expect.

The tourist centre was nearby, we dropped in to get some details. The drive was mostly along the sea shore. Around every turn in the road the landscape changed exposing its beauty, like the typical Newfoundland houses, sheds, boats and birds, as well as the rocky shoreline. There were a couple of highlights that we wanted to see.

The Fogo Island Inn has become a well known landmark. As we were driving along it came into view. A beautiful expanse of a building rising out of the horizon. We stopped at the entrance where we were met by an attendant at the arrival centre. We were told there was no parking at the building location however if we wished to see/tour the building we would be driven by shuttle, which we gladly did. The Newfoundland hospitality was on full display. We were pleased to enter the building and see the amazing decor and view the special art on display in the Art Room. We took a walk around the grounds and we were then shuttled back to our vehicle..

Another well known landmark is Brimstone Head. It towers high and is visible for a long distance. It was especially important in the past for guiding sailors on their way in from sea. It's interesting to note that it's considered one of the four corners of the earth by the Flat Earth Society.

Fogo Head is another high hill (rock) towering high above the landscape. There's a foot trail leading to its peak. I expect the view from there would be very impressive. However I'm thinking it's not for the faint of heart. There's a large craft store near there where you can find all the Newfoundland paraphernalia, lots of interesting crafts and souvenirs.

Alas the day was coming to an end. We stopped at the Cod Jigger Restaurant for a delicious meal, only to realize that time was running short and we had to make a mad dash to catch the Ferry. It was the last crossing for the day. We made it just in time and were last to pull on board and settle in for the sail back.

It was truly an amazing picturesque trip. I've included a few shots for your enjoyment. Put it on your bucket list for some time when you're in the area, I'm confident you won't regret it.

Calvin Perry, Oshawa, ON
formally from Laurenceton, NL

Oshawa, On Formerly From Laurenceton, Nl
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