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Cape Norman

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There are many hidden gems in Newfoundland and Labrador, and being from the province I honestly thought I have seen everything and been everywhere.

Since moving to Happy Valley-Goose Bay in 2012, my summer vacations to the island have changed. It seems as if I am a tourist in my own province.

Growing up on the Great Northern Peninsula it was nothing for myself and my parents to head to a beach for the afternoon for a picnic. Or take off to a pit with family to have a bbq. There was always adventure. Always.

When I go home now with children of my own, it is different. You not only miss the sound of your parents in the house you grew up in, it's like being a kid all over again, which is very comforting. But you miss the sound and the smell of the ocean, the birds, how everything is so colourful and inviting, and most of all you miss the freedom that living on the island brings with it.

My kids can get up in the morning and grab their bike and go "out the road" to see if there are any kids are on the go. They can run in the woods without being scared. They can search salt water beaches and find treasures galore. They can walk hundreds of kilometers of paths and boardwalks and at the end of every single one is a different surprise.

On this trip my parents have been wanting to take us to Cape Norman. I have never been to Cape Norman, which I found extremely weird. My parents only heard about this place a few years past and have been bringing people to this spectacular place since.

Cook's Harbour is a very small fishing community with approximately 120 people. From Cook's Harbour you can visit Big Brook and Wild Bight. From Wild Bight you will find the hidden gem of Cape Norman.

The first thing you notice are the rock formations. It is out of this world and what a place to explore. The area is surrounded by unique limestone barrens with the most beautiful rare flowers.

The main reason people venture there is for the lighthouse, which is also wonderful to see. It overlooks the Atlantic ocean where you can see for miles on a great summer day and enjoy the whales and in our cause the squid hounds that put off a show.

Along the way we seen other interesting sights, including an eagle swooping down to get a fish right out of the water. My kids were blown away by this, and maybe eagle nests with little babies peeking out over.

There is also a very creative man made out of someone's fire wood with a pole and hook in hand with a giant fish made out of another pile of wood also. This was a great place to stop for a photo!

We combed the beaches at Cape Norman for about two hours. Finding all sorts of things. We found sea urchin, more commonly known in our area as "ohs eggs," galore from tiny itty ones to giant ones. Our eight year old has been collecting these from beaches since she was tiny, so this was a great surprise for her!

There were giant spiders, the coolest rocks of all shape, sizes and colours. And lost and left treasures from ships, pieces of wood that were coloured in the prettiest red paint.

Let's just say, we had two salt beef buckets full when we left that are now sitting on our porch in Happy valley-Goose Bay.

I get the hash tag #baycation now, because why would you want to go anywhere else when you can see and do so much in your own province.

Can't wait for the next adventure on the Island! Thank you Cape Norman!

Happy Valley-goose Bay
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