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Can you guess what this chipmunk might be saying? Caption this photo, and if your comment makes our editors chuckle the most, you'll win 20 Downhome Dollars and your response will appear in the June 2020 issue of Downhome!

St. John's, Nl

Noah Gosse

WOW, just tried to enter this , 04 16 , says closed , also tried to enter the book contest which supposedly was running from Apr 06 until Apr 17 , that is also closed . Today is Apr 16 ????>


I think my wisdom teeth are the problem, will have to see the vet.

Gerald King

No I haven't put on a little weight.

Evelyn Harnett

It's not mannerly to have your mouth so full!

Cheryl Hynes

This is stuck in me kinkarn and I can't swally!

Elizabeth Reid

Don't panic it's only the mumps!

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