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Inspired From Away

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Having recently retired, I decided to pursue my passion for photography but soon found myself needing more inspiration. A solo car camping road trip to the end The Trans-Labrador Highway seemed to fit the bill perfectly! <br />
My second passion is dirt roads &acirc;�&quot; nothing like a gravel road to make one feel in the middle of nowhere or a paved highway to make one think there near anywhere. <br />
The original plan was to leave Peterborough, bypass Montreal (yes you can) and head north from Baie Comeau, straight for the coast and photograph my way back slowly. I made it as far as Happy Valley/Goose Bay in two days. The further I drove though; the more incredible the scenery became the more I found myself stopping. As I approached the coast I was stopping every km!<br />
Visiting and photographing the villages of Mary's Harbour, Red Bay, Pinware, Forteau, L'Anse-au-Loup and L'Anse-au-Clair under different lighting conditions was to become a goal for the trip.<br />
About 20 km from Lodge Bay, I spied a black bear snoozing on the side of the TLH! So I stopped the SUV and opened the sunroof for some quick shots. He decided to get up and slowly walked towards the car and laid down in front of it. Its not often that you have to back up because you are too close for a close-up! Sure enough he did the same thing again. Bizarre bear for sure (the flies were ferocious).<br />
The second once in a lifetime wildlife encounter was just south of Red Bay. A small,black dog-like animal trotted across the gravel in front of me. I grabbed my camera and quickly got out hoping to get at least one shot to identify it. To my surprise, he made a about face and came walking towards me. This was the first wild silver fox I have ever seen; a young one so he hadn't gone grey yet. He didn't beg for food but instead just seemed curious. We sat down by the side of the highway and I thought to myself yep, I belong here. I think the fox agreed. <br />
The landscapes just kept getting more rugged and I started to look at them as though they were canvases. One particular scene inspired my first painting (in a few decades). It was the bright turquoise blue wood sled near Country Cat Pond. You can't miss it. If anyone knows the owner I would like to entitle it 's Sled I would also like to send them a print of the painting. The other is of a dory in Mary's Harbour would love to send a print to the owner also.<br />
Each community was so unique and picturesque with the ocean, icebergs, boats and people. And the people, what can I say? Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Sometimes I wished I wasn't from away. I will be back!<br />
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