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June 2017

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Hello...some friends gave me a copy of your magazine to read as I came down to Newfoundland a couple of summers ago. I'm from Ontario by the way. I was so blown away by my whole trip, it truly was the most unforgettable adventure, and I was only on the Avalon!! <br />
The article about the lady, Heather Stemp, inspired me so much I had to write. I was in Petty Harbour, and the landlady had a wedding booked in where I was staying, so I had to leave for a couple of days. Literally by just pick and choose I saw Harbour Grace. Good enough for me. BONUS!!! I stayed at a hotel just across from the dry docks. What a I walked around there was so much heritage and COOL reconstructions of old houses! It very much reminded me of Niagara-on-the-Lake here in Ontario. As I was eating breakfast one day a couple and their daughter (it turns out she was now living in Ontario) and I were talking about my adventures...and IN UNISON...they said I HAD to go to Brigus....I can't even begin to tell you. As I was walking along photographing, I came around a corner and BAMM a huge Iceberg. <br />
To see an see the sun rise off Cape Spear...two of my missions to coming down accomplished. The article touched home how cool my trip was! Thank You!<br />
<br />
PS I was Screeched in at Trapper John's in St. John's. I have my Citizenship. I value that as much as being Canadian!

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