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Christmas Poem

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This is my first time submitting to the Downhome Magazine.
I'm a Newfoundlander now living in NS and have been writing poetry for many years.
Recently while watching NTV news there was a news item about the possible resettling of Gaultois, NL.This stirred my interest in the resettlement of NL towns during the past years.One such Town that was resettled was a place called Parsons Harbour. This town was featured in The National Geographic in 1984. I was drawn to a picture of that place and was inspired to write this poem I'm submitting.
My poem is based on my imagination and not actual facts. I have never visited this place or know anyone who has lived there.
Thank You,
Judy Juanita Langdon
L'Ardoise, NS

Abandon Town Christmas

In a town that's left alone now
with only echoes of the past,
buildings weathered beaten crumble
without people they can't last.

Every year the seasons flow by
although no one watch them go,
no children playing on rocky beaches
and no one playing in the snow.

Yet the bells still ring at Christmas
from a Church no one attends,
as the wind blows through the steeple
causing them to ring again.

"Silent Night" takes on new meaning
in this place where no one sings,
voices once rang out in chorus
giving praise to a Newborn King.

Empty pews with dusty hymnals
once were held by human hands,
left deserted by the town folk
as they moved and made new plans.

Christmas Carols no longer sang here
in this abandoned most Holy Place,
where once voices blend in harmony
singing praises, of His Amazing Grace.

No more Christmas trees in windows
that now are broken beyond repair,
in this empty town, snow falls softly
with only spirits to offer prayer.

No more children to open presents
although thankful for gifts received,
times were hard for those who lived here
and with leaving, some were relived.

Christmas Eve would bring out town folk
as they gathered to celebrate,
this festive time and joyest season
with all that's Pure, True and Great.

Yet I'm sure memories are treasured
by the families who had to leave,
old folks would rather like to stay here
to celebrate more Christmas Eves.

God Bless you all, who still remember
from this place where you began,
this abandoned town at Christmas
was not devised by your own plan.

Yet the bells still ring at Christmas
from a church no one attends,
as the wind blows through the steeple
causing them to ring again.

By: Judy J Langdon
November 1, 2022

L'ardoise, Ns
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