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Garden of Delight

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Whisper of wind in the trees
chirp and buzz of birds and bees
Flowers and trees are tended with care
Mommy's garden, her private lair

Flowers, trees in every nook
tips were gleaned from garden books
Applied and altered in some ways
waiting now for suns warm rays

A special place, the Maple Room
gaze in awe, watch the flowers bloom
A bench to sit, think and ponder
the power of a garden, its healing wonder

Roses, Daises and Ireland's Bell
Marigold, Holly Hock and Aster as well
Sunflowers reach for the sky
colours dazzle, catch your eye

Sit, relax and have a swing
enjoy the scents the breeze will bring
Erase the stresses of the day
listen to the fountain spray

Every day brings a new surprise
nothing required, only open eyes
Tinkling chimes bring forth a laugh
flitting creatures enjoy the bath

A painters palate could not compete
with riotous colour of this retreat
This special garden is like no other
cause it was made by my mother.

I wrote this poem as a Christmas gift for my Mom, Anna Dalton in 2002 in honour of her beautiful garden.

Petersfield, Mb
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