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The NL accent can sure be tricky...

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Well my boyfriend has completed the Licensed Practical Nursing Program in the Bay. St George area some months back. During his clinical training at the hospital, one patient was larger and had a loud cough that could be heard throughout the hallway. One of these coughs happened while the students were doing their final rounds of the day with a RN. She just smiled, "Oh, sure that's just the gentleman over in room 206. He's loud but harmless."
The next morning my boyfriend noticed one student from outside of the province had came in with a large basket filled with gift cards and all sorts of other goodies. Their instructor noticed and asked what it was for. She just smiled, "Oh, this is for the main in 206 with no arms, poor guy."
My boyfriend then realized the confusion. He laughed, "The nurse yesterday had an accent. She told us that man was HARMless, not ARMless!"

We do tend to drop that H a lot, don't we? I had quite a laugh when he told me that story.

Trevor C
Western NL

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