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Come Home Year 2022

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We took a trip to Newfoundland
It really was quite fun
We landed first in Halifax
Before our flight was done.

When we arrived upon the Rock
The luggage followed too
Despite the horrors of the past
All bags were checked right through!

The sun was shining brightly
It was a lovely day
Come Home Again the signs all said
No need to stay away!

We visited friends and family
So good to see, no doubtin'
We ate our favorite foods again
Like Fish and Brewis and Toutons!

We can't forget the Cod Tongues
and Cheeks that filled out bellies
Of course there's sweet Molasses Bread
and Homemade Jams and Jellies!

Oh Me Nerves, Is what I said
we'll blow up like a puncheon
and then they tried to tempt us more
with yummy fried Pork Scrunchions!

We'll have to pay for extra weight
when we get on that plane
Some Shockin' Good, is all we said
T'was worth it all the same!

Barrie, Ontario
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