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Connecting with the Past

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Dear Janice,

Downhome year in Nfld allowed me to connect with my past in the most wonderful way. I have discovered distant cousins whom I would love to meet in person going forward. This is all thanks to Downhome magazine which published my letter requesting contacts who might be interested in obtaining my grandfather, Archibald Cooper's, birth certificate (1882) along with a photograph of his family. My letter was published in the January 2022 Downhome issue.

In February, Warren Cooper, a resident of Old Perlican, telephoned me. His great grandfather, Roland Cooper, and my grandfather, Archibald Cooper, were brothers who resided in Old Perlican. This led to my connecting with Mrs. Alfreda Hopkins, also a resident of Old Perlican, who was born in the Beckett Heritage House. Frieda's father and Roland Cooper were cousins.

In the year 2000, Frieda donated the Beckett Heritage House to the town of Old Perlican and continues to help the Heritage Committee with its summer operations. With the assistance of Warren and Frieda, the Cooper documents are now being displayed in the Beckett Heritage House.

I personally feel that not only did precious reminders of the history of my grandfather return home to his beautiful island, but I received the treasured gift of friendship. Thanks to the kindness of Warren Cooper, Frieda Hopkins, and Downhome magazine who all played a role in achieving this happy outcome.

With gratitude,
Esther Grant

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