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A Trip of a Lifetime

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A Trip of a Lifetime - Remembering Family and Friends
Theresa Priest

With any great trip, planning is key. That is why our trip to Newfoundland in late July early August 2019 was, for me, A Trip of a Lifetime. I'll give you a little background on how it all came to fruition.

Myself and two of my first cousins (Debbie and JoAnne) - our mothers are sisters, have been getting together since 2015 at Deb's cottage in Northern Ontario. We decided that for our fifth year we should do something special so we all agreed that we would start planning our getaway to The Rock. Each of us had a responsibility; we needed to book our flight, rent a car, and make reservations for lodging. Lucky for us, I have a cousin that lives in Paradise and she was a huge help in planning our trip and was our own personal travel guide. (Judy is my first cousin - our dads are brothers).

Our family roots go way back - our parents all being from Newfoundland; our mothers from Fogo Island, my dad and uncle from Juniper Stump and another uncle from Gander. Fogo Island was ultimately our destination with many lovely stops along the way.

We arrived at the St. John's airport and managed to get our rental car. From here we drove to Judy's place in Paradise and stayed for a couple of days to take in the local scene. Before we departed for our journey west, we did the local tourist scene in St. John's. Of course we visited Signal Hill, Cape Spear and took in the local pubs/fare and music in the downtown area.

A day trip was planned along Conception Bay South. We visited Clarke's Beach and discovered a local distillery and sampled some of their local gins. We had a picnic in Brigus, and took in the sights of this historic town. Back to Paradise and we had a huge feed of cod for our supper.

The following day we loaded up the car and headed west. We visited the lovely town of Trinity with its many colourful homes and beautiful churches. Unfortunately, we could not stay long because we wanted to be in Bonavista before dark.

Waiting for us in Bonavista was a charming Air BNB. We spent 1 night and managed to enjoy a fine meal at a local restaurant and take in the spectacular scenery. Dungeon Provincial Park left us speechless as the whales put on quite a show. We ended the evening down by the water enjoying the amazing sunset.

The following morning we were back on the road with a quick stop in Gander to re-fuel and grab something to eat. We had a schedule to follow and needed to be at the ferry in Farewell to take us to Fogo Island. The crossing, along with weather was grand. We finally reached our destination. FOGO.

We arranged to stay at a lovely salt box home in Fogo. This was another Air BNB. It was an ideal location for us. There was so much for us to do. Reconnect with family, met up with old friends and of course hike the famous Brimstone Head. We visited The Bleak House, Marconi Centre and every day we had a new adventure waiting for us.

Our last couple of days on the island, we spent in Tilting. Another pretty town with many local attractions and great hiking trails. Oh yes, in Jo Batts Arm we can't forget The Fogo Island Inn. We did not have reservations for the inn but managed to get some great pictures.

We spent a total of 6 days on Fogo Island. We all wanted to stay longer but needed to get back because we had a concert to attend on George Street in St. John's. This would be our last night in Newfoundland and what a way to spend it - a live performance with Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. Unbeknownst to us my husband had contacted the group and during their encore of 'Salt Water Joys' they gave a huge shout out to the visiting cousins from Ontario naming us all and welcoming us.

This trip down memory lane is dedicated to the memory of our dear cousin/friend JoAnne. She passed away peacefully on January 25, 2022 after a lengthy illness with cancer. Every time I re-visit NL, I will be remembering all of the happy memories we shared. Thank you Debbie, Judy and JoAnne for making this 'A Trip of a Lifetime.'

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