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The Gander Forge

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This is my father in the white shirt. Frances (Frank) Bowe.
His Boss is in the middle, I think his name was Mr. Reynolds.
I do not know the third person's name.
The picture was taken in Gander around 1944-49.
Our family went to Gander to be with our father, who had left the Goulds to find work. My mother and 10 of us siblings went by train from St. John's to Gander to join our father.

I remember there was a movie House (The Globe Theatre) right
next to the Forge. My two brothers and I would drop in to see our father every Saturday afternoon and he would give each of us a nickel for the movie.
One scary movie I watched was "Pillow of Death." Naturally, many nights after watching that movie I had difficulty sleeping.

I grew up in Gander from the age of 7-22; then left for the Mainland to be married.

Helen (Bowe) Curwin

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