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How I Became Friends with Michael T. Wall,

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My husband's father was from Newfoundland. A few years ago, we discovered "Scenes of Newfoundland" on NTV and often watch the videos and listen to the music when it comes on at 12:30am PST. We live in Sooke on Vancouver Island.

We especially liked one of the songs on "Scenes of Newfoundland" called the 'Newfie Polka'. There was no performer name on the video, but I was able to search for it. I wanted to get the sheet music so I could learn to play it on my accordion. No luck! No sheet music to be found.

However, I found an email for the performer, Michael T. Wall and sent my request to him. Amazingly enough, Michael phoned me, and we have been sharing phone calls, letters, packages and emails ever since. He did have his friend write out the sheet music for 'Newfie Polka' and he has also sent me some other pieces.

I am amazed at Michael's energy and creativity. He is still writing songs and recording CDs and still finds the time to sing for local church services and assist a friend with her lawn care. As well, he finds time to phone, email and write to me. He has shared copies of "Our Canada" and the "Downhome" magazines with me.

This amazing man will be going down to Nashville to record a CD soon. He has sung in as far away places and the Grand Ole Opry, Australia, Jerusalem, Chine and was the first Canadian entertainer to sing in Poland. He is certainly not a typical senior citizen.

Michael is a very proud Canadian as well as a proud Newfoundlander. My husnamd and I hope to meet Michael in person one day.

I now have eight of Michael's CDs and we enjoy his music so much. One of his latest songs is very timely. It is about the high cost of gas and is being sung around the world. And 'Gasoline' features my horse, Chip, whinnying at the end of the song.

Gail Nash
Sooke, BC

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