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Finding Corky

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My wife and I read passed along copies of the Downhome for many years before becoming subscribers in 2019. We've read all the issues cover to cover and have enjoyed every page. Through those many issues, Theresa has never been able to find Corky and I have never failed to find him, although sometimes it requires a dedicated scan. She maintained it wasn't possible for her to do even with careful study and using reading glasses. Last month I set about to prove her wrong and promised to buy her six bottles of wine if she found him. It wasn't a bet because there was nothing for me to gain other than proving my point. It took eight minutes flat before I heard from the living room those three little words I had always longed to hear: "I found Corky!" And indeed she had. I was pleased to pay up for smugly proving my point.

-Brian J Priest
Kearney, ON

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