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Proud of My Roots

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I love to reflect on
the days of my childhood
when kids were so carefree
and growing up was so good
Ringing of the church bells
early Sunday morning
good old friends dropping by
without need for a warning
Gathered in the kitchen
poured tea from a teapot
we ate what was offered
So thankful, for what we got
Clothes hung on the clothesline
and dried in the fresh air
shirts were pinned by their tails
the socks, always by the pair
Wild flowers were placed in
an empty mason jar
picked lilacs and daisies
we didn't have to go far
While blueberry picking
we carried a dumper
we knew the best patches
where the berries were plumper
Rhubarb and turnip greens
nothing ever wasted
bread baked in the woodstove
the best I've ever tasted
Patchwork quilts were hand stitched
the patterns were so cool
back when thread was wound
on a little wooden spool
Tissues came in colours
pink, green, yellow and blue
made flowers for wedding cars
and fancy boutonnieres too
Most candy cost pennies
not an arm and a leg
back then they were put in
a little brown paper bag
Mosquitoes were nippers
that left many zingers
the ants, we called emmets
dragonflies were horse stingers
So many memories
here's hoping I've stirred some
as you were reading my poem
Embrace our heritage
keep our flag unfurled
display it so proudly
from anywhere in the world

Wanda Peddle
May22/ 2022

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