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I want to tell you about my 10-day trip a few years ago with my friend.

We started out from CBS, down to the Avalon Peninsula. We didn't see very much of the countryside or the ocean because of heavy fog all the way from around Cape Broyle to St. Joseph's. We spent a lot of time at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve to learn about the fossils. Very informative and educational.

Our first overnight stop was Clarenville, then on to Grand Falls Windsor and Rocky Harbour (where we had the best fish and chips at one of their restaurants but I don't remember the name of it). We passed the Arches and it was a long but beautiful drive to L'Anse aux Meadows. It's interesting how the people lived in those days. What an invention of the loom. St. Anthony, where it was cool, rainy and foggy has a beautiful harbour. Then back down to Deer Lake, again seeing those bare windswept trees along the road. We drove through Lewisporte, stayed in Twillingate and visited their beautiful Long Point lighthouse. We enjoyed the ferry ride to and from Fogo Island, the weather was beautiful, hot and sunny. We couldn't get to the Fogo Island Inn but it sure looked impressive from afar. We passed through Ragged Harbour, Deadman's Cove, Trinity and Gambo, stopped at Terra Nova National Park (I love that name) and on to Stock Cove where we stayed a few days with [my son-in-law] Garry's parents Sharon and Cyril Mahoney. We picked a lot of blueberries there. Oh my goodness, there were so many I didn't know where to pick first. We stopped by the lighthouse in Bonavista and Dungeon Provincial Park and really enjoyed the views. Then back to CBS and St. John's. We saw the jellybean houses, the Rooms and the Basilica Cathedral, etc. I liked Water Street, the shops and restaurants, and the bricks on the sidewalk with the names printed on them. We spent a lot of time along the harbour watching the boats and ships come and go. We couldn't get up to Signal Hill, it was closed because of construction.

We mostly stayed at B&Bs, some were quaint little places, some just regular houses made up beautifully and cosy. At one place we were entertained with singing and homemade instruments, a broomstick with attached aluminum plates and colourful tassels and, of course, the spoons. Plenty of good, wholesome food everywhere we stayed.

My favourite place is Cape Spear. Matter of fact, I would love to be there when one of those tornadoes pass through and the waves crash onto the rocks and I just about get blown away by the force of the gale.

My most interesting place is the Tablelands. The guided tour was very educational and it is absolutely amazing how Newfoundland was formed millions of years ago and that part of the island was part of Africa!

I'm looking forward to my next visit, Gros Morne National Park for sure. I would like to visit the southwest area, Corner Brook, Stephenville, Cape St. George, Channel- Port aux Basques. Down to the Burin peninsula and a quick trip to Saint Pierre.

Maybe I'll finally get to see some puffins and icebergs. There are so many places yet to explore and many more wonderful people to meet. I am excited already because I'm so acquainted with all the names and places of Newfoundland and Labrador, no matter which town or place I'll arrive at, it'll feel like I'm coming home because of your wonderful Downhome. Love it.


Mahara Delain
Calgary, AB

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