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Some Day on Clothes

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Some Day on Clothes

Our clothes take a beating. Our clothes start to hurt.
Whether it's dropped food, spilled coffee, or good old fashioned dirt.
Perhaps they got ripe with sweat, from a good run or long drive.
But it's only a matter of time before laundry day will arrive.

Yet even though it's a chore, which many hate to begin.
Don't view this task as a loss, because it's more of a win.
For if you live in Newfoundland? You'll go out of your way.
To see those freshly washed garments, hung out on display.

The wet heavy items on both ends, with the slightly damp in the middle.
A warm summer breeze is ideal, to make the clothes drift just a little.
Yes, that's an image so peaceful that it can put you to ease.
A family's clothing all strung up, as it blows in the breeze.

Perhaps a sweater, some long johns, or heavy wool socks.
Perhaps with a view of the harbour, a cliff face, or rocks.
Each item hung with such care, as well as properly pinned.
They all come to life with such vibrancy, when they're caressed by the wind.
It's a homegrown image that simply fills us with pride.
And you can't beat that fresh smell, once you bring it inside.

The use of thick hardwood poles, which resemble large dowels.
As they prop up the clean sheets, as well as blankets and towels.
Whether it's Nan's hand knit sweater, or fancy frocks from the stores.
Some blue jeans, a t-shirt, or your Dad's tighty white drawers.

Even though it's just clothing, it's still a sight that's so grand.
And it's witnessed quite often, back in our home Newfoundland.
It's a regular occurrence on those bright sunny days.
It's observed in the city, as well as many fine bays.

How can a vision so simple, make you think life will be fine?
For it's just a fresh load of laundry that's draped out on the line.
But there's something as sweet as clean laundry, that's just as pure as the rose.
Or as a Newfoundlander might say? "B'ys, it's some day on clothes."

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