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My Visit at the Cottage

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The tear drops fell down from her face
The day we said good-bye
It was the last time I saw
My darling mother cry
Little did I realize her smile
No more I would see
Or visit her and Dad again
And enjoy their company.

Mother left us some time ago
To be with God in Heaven
She started out to meet that goal
When she was just past seven
She knew the Bible inside out
And sang from her song book
She struggle on and persevered
With everything it took.

I remember back when I was young
And going off to school
She'd remind me just before I left
To use the Golden Rule
Do unto others as you wish
That they would do to you
And some good things will happen, son
Although they may be few.

I look up at her picture now
That's hanging on the wall
I smile and sometimes I cry you see
At times I can recall
Tempted and tried so many times
She was pure as the rain
And through it all she never took
The name of God in vain

She gave a lot more than she took
It was just her way to live
She had her own Golden Rule
It was live and let live
I don't know if I'll ever see her face
Again some day
Only God will answer that
That's what she used to say.

By James Hoddinott

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