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Prank Call

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Hi, my name is Steve Sparkes, formerly from Corner Brook. In 1971 I was in my last year of high school, honours class, Regina High School.
We got to pick a job for one day, and I was lucky as I chose and got it - working at the radio station CFCB with the great DJ Joe Mullins!!!
They had a contest giveaway. If they called your phone and you answered "Thrift Mart saves you money" you would win a gift certificate for $50!
So that morning, Joe Mullins asked me for my home phone number and called it. My mother, Marie, was out shopping, but my younger brother Ward was home and answered in a very high pitched voice pretending to be our mother: "Thrift Mart saves you money!!" and my mother was awarded the gift certificate!

Steve Sparkes
Scarborough, ON

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