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Runaway vegetables

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This happened in Sandringham, NL in the year 2006. I was at a dance in the men's club with my now husband, Steve, and all was going great. We ended up winning a big bag of vegetables for a big cooked dinner - the bag was like, 60 pounds. I had a bit too much to drink, and I had this crazy idea to pick up the bag and bring it home with us. With my husband saying "it's too heavy", and me thinking it wasn't. I took the whole bag and went on with it. Everything was going great until we come to a hill and all of a sudden the bottom of the bag busted open and all the vegetables went down the road and half went into the ditch. So there I am, running after turnip and cabbage for my cooked dinner. So we got half of them and put them back in the bag and when we finally made it home the bottom of the bag busted all over the floor! Safe to say I didn't get my cooked dinner. Next time, I'm driving. LOL.

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