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Hearts Ease Beach

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Time is catching up with me.
But one more goal I must reach,
To walk the path once more that leads to
My place, Hearts Ease Beach.

To walk its rocky beach once more
to reach the Island at its outer shore,
to feel its smooth stones beneath my feet
as the beauty of the Eastern Light, I seek.

When as a youth, I would, with my uncle walk
Along its shore and he would talk,
Of fishing stages where once they stood
And men of iron and ships of wood.

Its last peoples have since gone,
for a decade before I was born,
yet, in my mind, I see history pass
as tall ships with billowing sails glide past.

Oh, to be a youth again, when I would traverse
With my best friend,
As ambulators, we would reach the place I love,
Called Hearts Ease Beach.

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