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A Frozen Fib

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My husband often told this story of when he was a boy in a home with no electricity, no running water, and no bathroom. Their only source of heat was a wood and coal stove.
He and his brothers were to take a turn to get up early in the morning to light the fire and get breakfast started. Their father always told them to be sure and wash their hands before preparing breakfast.
It was my husband's turn this particular frosty winter morning. He has everything ready when his father came downstairs. His father went in to have a wash and came back out and asked, "Did you wash this morning?" My husband replied, "You know I did." His father said, "Come in here. There's something I want you to see." They went into the washroom and there in the basin was the water that had been left overnight, frozen to solid ice. His father was very upset and kept saying "you lied to me!" He was more upset about being lied to than failing to wash before preparing breakfast. My husband never forgot how his dad reacted that day.
- submitted by Winnie K. Munden

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