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Living in Codroy Pond

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A story from my dad, William Brake.

My dad's family moved from St. Georges to Codroy Pond in 1925 when he was 12 years old. This was a very small railway maintenance town where his dad worked with the railway. The only way in and out of that town was by rail. All trains stopped there for about twenty minutes to take on water for the steam engines. Now he was the oldest of a large family and they took advantage of the train stopping in different ways.
Daily passenger trains had people from everywhere, including tourists. My dad and others could board the train while it was stopped and try to sell different things. His mother, being of Mi'kmaq descent, taught him how to weave birch baskets. He told of weaving small birch bark baskets and filling them with whatever berries that were ripe at the time. They were a big hit. They sold rabbits in wintertime and sometimes knitted articles. Train crews looked forward to seeing them come aboard and they were always welcomed.
Times are different now, the world sure has changed around us.

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