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Oh Henry!

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It was Mother's Day, May 1975; we decided to take my mother-in law out to dinner at a very posh restaurant in Scarborough, ON. Grammy loved all her grandchildren, so we took our three small children along. Our 3-month-old son in a carrier, our 28-month-old daughter and her 4-year-old sister, dressed like two little angels just glowing and very happy. Grammy was proud of their beautiful dresses and well behaved manners and compliments came like flowing water and she gleamed with pride.

Soon after being seated, our two little angels announced they had to go the bathroom. Of course Grammy would be the one to proudly take them... all smiling as they headed for the bathroom.

(Just a few weeks before, one of my brothers had come to live with us from NL, a wee bit of a devil if ever there one. So when our 28-month-old child expressed how sick she would feel after doing her 'number two', my devilish brother decided to make her feel good by telling her to think of it as an Oh Henry bar. We found this out 'after' we got home. Now let's go back to the restaurant.)

As my two little angels came running out with a smiley happy Grammy, our 28-month-old runs up to us and as loud as possible announces "mommy, daddy! I p--ped an Oh Henry bar THIS BIG" stretching her arms wide at the same time.

The place broke up into laughter! Not a dry eye in the place. A flushed and embarrassed Grammy slid into her seat while I was trying to find a hole to fall into. Daddy just laughed and whispered "shhhh, say no more," to which she replied very adamantly "daddy it was just p--p!" The laughter went on and on...
T'was a wonderful day out.

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