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The Place

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The Place

The houses stood around the cove
a rocky inlet in the shore
about three hundred years had gone
since Obadiah, the patriarch
with family clan had come along

And occupied this little spot
here in a corner of the bay
that was close by to fishing grounds
for catching cod that in most years
were guaranteed to be around

And in between the sea and hills
on sloping, barren, rocky, ground
there was just barely enough space
on tiny bits of level land
to make what might be called a place

And in the passage of the years
they cut the timbers for to build
their flakes and stage and fishing stores
and homes that would be snug and warm
when winter came and storms did roar

And where there was a little soil
they hauled in turf from off the bogs
and added kelp from 'round the shore
to make small gardens where they grew
potatoes for their winter's store

Each season brought repetitive
tasks in the pattern of the time
to be done of necessity
like cutting wood and making hay
completed as ordained to be

Four generations, maybe more
had lived their lives out in the cove
and rested now in the small plot
that had been cleared of tuckamore
white stones showed they were not forgot

Then came resettlement, a plan
to say such places will be moved
to growth centers in the bay
so houses and possessions left
but homes and souls most always stayed.

Bonavista, Nl
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