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Santa's Christmas Train

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by Brooke Decker, age 11

All aboard, clickety-clack Santa's train is on the track.
Toot, toot, toot the whistle blows
Climb aboard and off it goes.
Up, up, up, and down, down, down, through the tunnel past our town.
Seeing sights along our way to see Santa on his sleigh!
Special snacks for us tonight, minty stripes of red and white, chocolate milk and cookies too
Tasty treats for me and you.
Jingle bells, we hear them ring. Christmas carols we all sing.
Slowing down we've come so far. Santa's village, here we are!
Red and green are everywhere. Bells of silver here and there.
Twinkling lights fill up the night. Decorations shine so bright!
Mrs. Claus is fun to see, lighting up the Christmas tree.
Helpful elves, we see them too. Busy doing what elves do.
"Ho Ho Ho!" and Santa's here, laughing waving as we cheer.
Santa's sack is stuffed with toys, tied up with bows for girls and boys.
Santa pass them out one by one, Mrs. Claus we're almost done.
Out trip is almost to an end I hope I will see you again.
We get aboard the train. This trip was so 'insane'.
Up, up, up and down, down, down, in our town we are safe and sound.
Seeing parents everywhere, seeing people here and there.
Christmas music in the air, lights and wreaths are everywhere.

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