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Say What?

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Can you fill in this speech balloon and suggest what the mule is saying in this photo (submitted by Deanne Hussey)? The response that makes the editors chuckle the most will earn 20 Downhome Dollars and will appear in the January 2022 issue!

St. John's

Harold Feiertag

I hate being a nag, but I need to use your waterhole!

Glen Pye

Gonna need new rear shoes after that haul!

Noah Gosse

It is cold enough out here to freeze the { ---- off a Donky's arse } You fill in the blanks .

Noah Gosse

Baby it's cold outside .

Harold Feiertag

For Pete's sake, stop horsing around and let me in!

Harold Feiertag

I have an appointment to have my winter hoofs, put on!

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