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Day Trip to Rattling Brook

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It was exciting to hear the news of open doors once again enabling travel to Newfoundland and Labrador. A trip to visit our family there was long overdue due to COVID-19 restrictions. So we took opportunity to spend a month (mid Aug - mid Sep) visiting with family, seeing friends and again taking in all the beautiful scenery.

We love to take day trips to small communities, especially along the coastline. One of these trips this year was to the town of Rattling Brook, in the vicinity of Springdale. As you're driving through the community your attention is drawn to a large waterfalls. From the road you see this water seemingly coming out of the top of the mountain. We stopped and pulled into a parking lot where we found access to a well groomed trail leading to the falls.

As we walked along the trail, on the right side we could see and enjoy the water 'rattling' over the rocks. To the left there was beautiful green moss covering the forest floor beneath the many trees - breathtaking scenery!

The trail leads to a boardwalk with a long and steep stairway reaching close to the top. At this point the noise is deafening as the water gushes out of the deep crevice in the rock, tumbling its way downward to the brook (river) below. You stand in awe as you view this spectacle of nature.

This truly made for a very pleasant afternoon excursion. To be able to capture some of these scenes on pictures for future enjoyment is one of my joys in life - a day to remember indeed!

Oshawa, On Formerly From Laurenceton, Nl
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