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My Favourite Christmas Memory

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I was born 82 years ago in Pound Cove, Bonavista Bay.
My favourite memory of Christmas is mummering, During the two weeks of Christmas we went mummering every night except Sunday. My friends and I always had lots of fun. Every house we went in we danced and then were served NL syrup and sweets.
Don't know where out mother got enough old clothes to dress us each night. Sometimes clothes not so old. Our faces usually covered by a piece of old lace and then an old cap pulled down to keep it on.
Oh the floors were so wet and dirty when we'd leave, but the ladies of the house didn't mind. They enjoyed it and so did their husbands. Pound Cove people then were a rare breed, the best including my mom and dad (Abel and Allie). I will never forget my childhood or my friends.
- by Martha (Hounsell) Beson

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