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I have submitted a few, more than 1 or 2, articles to the Downhomer over the years but my mind went somewhat dormant when my wife of 60 years, 2 months and 13 days lost her battle with the big C. I am still at loose ends with my life not knowing, and mostly not caring, where I am. But, good or bad, I cannot get Mary off my mind. Day time when I an awake or night time while I'm sleeping She is an inevitable part of me. In a moment of "feeling sorry for my loss" I wrote a poem to express how I feel and what my Mary meant to me. Here it is!

A woman who loved me, more than I deserved
Has left me forever and I now live in strife.
My arms feel useless, without my love to hold,
Useless, as they can't hold Mary, my wife.

Platitudes galore won't bring Mary back to me
But I will worship her memory till the day that I die.
She made my life whole, she gave me reason to live
No fabrication in what I say about Mary, I do not lie.

Forsaken by children, whom she loved from birth,
She died alone, save for me and her youngest son.
Bygones are bygones and we only live till we die
But Mary will live in my soul till Mr. death says he won.

Cobourg, Ontario
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