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Uncle George

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This is a true story about my wife's uncle George. Uncle George liked to tip back a few now and then. One night he came home halfway to being three parts on the beer, and of course hungry as a bear. He spies a pot of gear on the stove, grabs a plate and comes to 'er! The next morning, the missus says to George - "George, why didn't you eat your supper last night?" To which George replies "what to you mean? I ate two big plate fulls!" The missus said "but George, your supper is still up in the warmer where I left it."
"Well," said George, "what was that in the pot?"
The missus said "George! You didn't eat that??!! That was the slop I had for the pigs!!"
George - "I wondered what the tea bags was doin' in there!"

Nels Temple

Gfw, Nl
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