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Stress Test

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My husband woke up and found his arm was red and itchy.
I said, "I think it is poison ivy."
He said he wasn't near it, but he was complaining so much I told him to go to emergency and get them to check it out.
When I got back from walking the dog he was at the back of his car. I asked, "What did they say?"
"The intern said it was shingles."
I said, "No way. Do you have pain?"
"No," he said. So I said, "You don't have shingles."
He said he had stress. I said, "You don't have stress!"
He said, "Yes I do. She just walked up the driveway!" and we both broke out laughing.
When he went back to see a doctor, he found out he had poison ivy.
Love it when a woman is right.

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